Saturday, November 8, 2014

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It hasn't been because I have not been training and racing that I haven't been blogging.  It's just the opposite actually.  2014 was full of adventures, travel and learning experiences.

Now that my 2014 season is over, I sit and reflect on what I have learnt this year.

I have increased my racing distance this year.  My season's goal was Fatdog 70 miler in B.C. Canada.  This race was the whole package.  It was well organized, had a beautiful venue, had helpful volunteers,  and of course, many enthusiastic racers.  I highly recommend making the trip west to run this event.  Distances range from 30 miles to 120 miles.   One of my favourite things about this race was the mandatory trail work you have to do prior to race day.  What a great way to give back to the trails we enjoy so much!

  (one of the many beautiful views)                                         (unofficial race results)

Training leading up to the race was challenging.  I knew that I had to get efficient at hill climbing.  I found the hardest trails I could and regularly trained on them.  It paid off.  I won Fatdog 70.  My finishing time of 16:06 minutes was good enough to take first place in the women's division (3rd runner in).  And only 9 minutes off the course record!  So close yet so far!!  :)

2014 race results

Laura Secord Memorial, 25km, 2:14 (C.R.).  Very muddy muddy day!  So much fun.
Pick Your Poison, 50km, 5:14,  1st place.  Still snow on the course!  What a challenge.
Cayuga USATF 50M Trail Champs: 9:34, 9th.  First women was an Olympian. Cool!!
North Face Blue Mtn 50M: 10:17, 3rd.  Challenging course.  logistical issues today.
Fatdog 70M: 16:06, 1st place.  Want to climb and enjoy views. A must do race!

My take away 

I LOVE distance!!  The more challenging, the better.  I truly fell in love with the mountains and distance.  I look forward to 2015.  100 miler, HERE I COME!!

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