Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Treasure for Triathletes
Saturday, March 22, 2008 at 7:00pm
Knights of Columbus Hall

Support Chantal and Alex in the World Triathlon Championships

Host: Cara Spearin
Type: Causes - Fundraiser
Street: 93 Berczy St.
City/Town: Barrie, ON

Contact Info Email: caraspearin@hotmail.com


Local Paramedics and residents of Barrie, Alex Belande and Chantal Warriner have qualified to compete in the 2008 World Triathlon Championship in Vancouver this June. Both athletes work full time and train an average of 15 hours each week. The dedication and passion they show to the sport is phenomenal. We are proud of their accomplishments and want to show our support for them.A fundraising event will be held to raise money in order to get these athletes closer to achieving thier goals. Please show you support by coming out for the night or simply by purchasing a ticket.Tickets ($10) and sponsor sheets will be available at all stations soon.

Cara is leading a meeting at British Arms, Dunlop St, Barrie on Feb 4th starting at 7pm. For anyone interested in helping out!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My good friend and triathlon coach

My great friend and triathlon coach Mike Coughlin and I after Around the Bay- 5km, 2007

Ready to take on the world!
Date: Sep 05, 2007
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Chantal Demers shows off her national gold medal that qualified her for the world championships next June.

Although a rearview mirror might seem like an odd place to hang a national triathlon gold medal, Chantal Demers thinks it’s just fine.

“It’s so I can always see it, and think about the win,” she said. “I get a big grin whenever I get in the car.”

Demers captured her national gold medal in Drummondville in August.

The win qualified her for the 2008 International Triathlon Union Triathlon World Championships June 8 in Vancouver.

“It makes it special for me because I like doing things in Canada, and representing Canada in Canada is great,” she said. “A lot of my friends and family will be able to go up.”

Qualifying for worlds is a big step for this athlete and Simcoe County Paramedic.

The gold medal win in Drummondville was Demers’s first big race and first victory.

“The next day when I came home I was out riding my bike and it hit me and I just started to cry, I was so happy,” she said.

At the world championships, Demers will be one of the between 15 and 20 women representing Canada in the 25 to 29 age group

“Two of my good friends are on the team, so it makes it even more special.
“(In Drummondville) I had a rough swim and just worked really hard on the bike. There were probably about five or six of us who were even after the bike, I just pulled away on the run which really is my strength,” she said.

“I didn’t even know I had won until afterwards.”

Demers decided to try triathlon six years ago at the suggestion of a friend.

“I’d been running to keep in shape for basketball. I actually worked with a girl who did triathlons, she knew I ran, so she asked if I owned a bike, and my answer was ‘yes, a mountain bike from Canadian Tire’,” said Demers. “Needless to day I got a new bike.”

Demers said the best part of the sport is the variety it offers.

“It’s really three different sports, you’re not only having to train for one sport,” she said. “There are so many different aspects to the sport that you are never bored.”

Demers said of the three events, she prefers the running, but it all depends on how well she’s doing that day.

She trains everyday most of the year and competes in an average of one triathlon a month during the warmer seasons.

“I’m going to do a run in the fall just to keep my fitness up just until I take a little break in November and then I’ll probably do a duathalon in September,” she said. “But nothing serious, just to keep up my fitness so my break isn’t too long until next season starts”

Demers’ ultimate goal is to go pro in the triathlon world.

“I aspire to be one of them, it may not happen,” she said. “I try to be as positive as I can, but realistically … well you never know, one day.”

The gold medalist hopes to encourage others to get involved with triathlon, she’s recently convinced her fiancĂ© to give it a try.

“Just do it, you’ll be addicted from the first race you do,” Demers said. “I had a smile from the start to the end of the race on my first race. It’s just a great lifestyle.”

Rogers Athlete of the week

Week of January 21st, 2008

Rogers television came to Mind to Muscle (Barrie) on Tuesday to shoot some video and do an interview with me. The edited version was on the local news on cable 10 Wednesday evening.

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