Sunday, December 8, 2013

2013 wrap up

384 hours of training 
244 km of racing
10 races
7 victories
3 course records
1 national experience
= one heck of a 2013 season

I'm so grateful I was able to achieve what I have this year.  My heart is filled with much love of this sport and I thank my lucky stars for the success I have had so far.  I look forward to building on this and continuing building my experience in this so unpredictable sport of trail running.

I hope I could inspire some to join me in trail running.  Message me if you ever want to join me.

I start my foundation first thing tomorrow!  With 3 weeks of recovery coming to an end, I look forward to hitting the trail in the upcoming season. 

Stay healthy!  See you on the trail.

Coach Mike (, I hope you're ready for me :)

and looking great in  Thank you!

Chantal --  A shout out to my wonderful husband, and my beautiful girls who are always 100% supportive of my goals.  Believe! 


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