Sunday, February 3, 2013

2012 Season Wrap-Up

2012 was a season of building.  2011 ended with the birth of my beautiful little girl, MaĆ«lle Emily Warriner.   I, unfortunately was unable to exercise much with this pregnancy, as my pelvis was very bothersome.  Come October, I had not only the lack of fitness, but also a c-section to recover from.  I wasn't worried.  One of my best qualities is my hard working ethic and I was up to the task.  I began my training with a 4 week walking program and build from there.  Come end of April, I was ready to race.

I jumped in with both feet and raced a 25km trail race, Pick Your Poison and came out with a 2nd place podium finish.  My speed and fitness base continued to improve throughout the season.  I climbed from many second place finishes to the top of the podium throughout the summer season.  My hard work paid off and I pulled off the 5 Peaks series win! My 2012 summer goal was achieved and I was ecstatic!!

I took a two week break (maintenance weeks) in late August.  This gave me a little rest period before another speed build focus.  The cross country season with the New Market Huskies is always intense.  The workouts were hard but very fulfilling.  They definitely build fitness and character.  We had a great season and I look forward to 2013 season with them.  It's my favourite time of year :)

The following are my 2012 race results:

Trail Season

  • April 28th, Pick Your Poison, 25km trail-  2:13:57, 2nd overall female
  • May 9th, 5 Peaks- Durham Forest 14.7km trail- 1:05:54, 2nd overall female
  • June 7th, Creemore Vertical Challenge 25km trail- 2:08, 1st overall female, Course Record
  • July 12th, 5 Peaks Highlands 12.0k trail- 59:48, 1st overall female
  • August 11th, Dirty Girls 32km trail- 2:58:02, 2nd overall female (felt awful this race)
  • August 18th, 5 Peaks- Long Point 10.6km trail, 58:32, 1st overall female, locked down my series win!!

Cross Country Season- New Market Huskies. 

  • September 30th, Taylor Creek 5km- 19:09, 4th overall female
  • October 21st, Don Farquharson Harriers 4K, 15:24, 2nd overall female
  • November 4th, Sunnybrook 8k, 32:05, 4th overall female
  • November 11th, Ontario Championships 5k 18:42, Bronze medal
  • November 24th, National XC Championships, Vancouver 7km, 26:22, 43rd female (mid-pack)
  • 2012 Newmarket Huskies Hall of Fame

Bring on 2013!

Thank you Runningskirts for my gorgeous skirts and much more

Thank you coach Mike at Discomfort Zone for great coaching.

Thank you coach Derek and coach Sue at the Newmarket Huskies.

And most of all, thank you to my loving husband for the continuous support.

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