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Mid-season report- 2013

Mid-season Report- 2013

My 2013 running season is flying back and I'm having a blast!  Hard to believe we are at the half way marker of the season.  So far, I have completed 4 racing, raging from 12km to 42.9km. The 4 races included: Pick Your Poison 25km, 5 Peaks Hardwood Ski and Bike; 5 Peaks Rattlesnake; and Limberlost 42.9km.  4 wins!  I'm so grateful for all the support I'm receiving from my family, friends, and coach Mike.

Pick Your Poison
25km-  2:07:12
1st women; 6th overall

A 2 lap course which includes many many hills.  This is the 3rd time I've participated in the race.  I just love it.  It is a challenging course which tests you physically and mentally.  The race this year tested my fitness level and my desire to win.  I came in second place the previous 2 times I competed in the race.  2013's race was a real nail bitter.  I couldn't tell you what place the top 3 women were cross the finish line.  The leader shuffled between 3 of us. Each leading different sections of the race. I took the lead at ~10km and lost it on the flat section of the second loop. (~14km mark). We each had our strengths.

:. I was patient on the remainer of the flat and keep a consistent effort on the uphills, pushed the downhills and kept her in my sights. On the second last big climb, I noticed leader walking.  I pushed even harder knowing this was the last 90 seconds of climbing before the big descent. Pushed my HR to 182 bpm and gave it all I got to the finish line. We were both sprinting as hard as we could but I was able to pass her with just ~200m left, beating her by 7 seconds. It wasn't pretty or graceful but I was flying down that hill.  I didn't want 2nd place for the 3rd time. Exciting finish. lots of cheering :)

7 minutes faster than last year.  I'm super happy with my execution. I played it smartly and was patient with my plan.

lap #1 1:03:05 (avr hr 158bpm)
Lap #2 1:04:09 (avr hr 162bpm)

5 Peaks- Hardwood Skit and Bike
12km- 1:01:23
1st women; 9th overall

Race felt fantastic. The race felt comfortably hard, could of probably went a bit harder. Pushed the hills, and was able to recover from them fairly quickly. Super happy that I'm 4.5 min faster than last year. I'm thinking the times were ~2min faster than last year, cause it was raining last year. (if I remember that correctly).  As always, 5 Peaks puts on a great race!!  I highly recommend trying one.

5 Peaks-  Rattlesnake
12.8km - 59:59
1st women, 11th overall

The race felt great. I just love the technical single track of these trails. Lots of rocks, roots, and climbs.... challenging race. I felt great, and the kms flew by!
Once again, the race was well organized.  Great venue with great prizes, including door prizes.

Limberlost Challenge
42.9km- 4:37:30
1st female, 3rd overall

Wow, what a hot humid day. Thankful of the 8:20am start.
The course had muddy sections, otherwise it was pretty dry. It was a soft and gorgeous course with a couple really good climbs.  3x 14.22km loops.

My goal time was 4:30 (descending laps)

Lap 1: I went out super conservative. chatted with a group of 4 the whole time. 1:31:12 no walking

Lap 2: I raced part of the way with the 2nd place man... (then ahead of him from ~ 20-38k). I started my journey of being racing alone at ~20k to the end). I felt great the whole lap. 1:28:49

Lap 3: I started walking the aid stations. The temperature was steadily climbing to 40C. Wowzers! That's super hot!!  Things got a challenging when I felt mentally fatigued with 6k left. I focused on staying positive till 4k to go and then the fight really started.

By this point, all I wanted to do was walk. I continued with lots and lots of positive reinforcements. I focused on the downhills and walked any incline.  "just keep running for goodness sake!" "I'm fit!, run, run, run!!!" It's pretty comical now, but it got me threw it.

Lap 3 1:37:31. Family waiting for me at the end. That's a great way to finish a race.

Cheers to the next half of the running season!!  Yippee!!

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